We have built solutions to help you. RGB Accounting is an official partner of ADP, the leading payroll processing firm in Canada.

Payroll Processing


Are you planning to convert your business’ commission-based to salary-based employees?

Have you been considering assigning a salary to yourself or a family member?

Are you concerned about missing the deadline for CRA payroll remittances and their possible penalties?

In all these situations, we have built solutions to help you. RGB Accounting is an official partner of ADP, the leading payroll processing firm in Canada. Approximately 35,000 small businesses in Canada trust ADP with their payroll services — and many have as few as one employee. We know each business is unique, and so is our solution for you.

TeamPay by ADP is a cloud-based payroll solution created specifically for Canadian Small Businesses, neatly packed with the tools and services you need to comply and thrive. Easy to set up and simple to use day-to-day. You don’t want just any payroll solution. You want the best — hands down. With ADP’s online payroll, you can:

  • Run payroll in just a few clicks
  • Have payroll taxes calculated, deducted, and remitted automatically
  • Pay your way — choose direct deposit, cheques delivered to you, or print your own cheques
  • Get answers from experienced payroll professionals
  • Always have online access to your quarterly and annual reports
  • Integration with time tracking available

Payroll Processing with ADP is the best solution for your small business payroll-related needs.

Our Payroll processing partnership with ADP creates an ideal opportunity for small business owners currently doing payroll processing manually or looking to start a payroll account.

  • Save money — Discover our affordable options and only pay for the services you need
  • Save time Every minute counts. Run payroll in just a few clicks
  • Sleep easier — Payroll and payroll taxes remitted on your behalf — accurately and on time

By signing up for payroll processing with ADP, you get free implementation and a special ongoing discount off the regular fee. A dedicated implementation specialist will be assigned to configure your solution and walk you through your first few payroll cycles. Additionally, RGB Accounting will provide you with assistance as needed. Your benefit: Another Peace-of-Mind service will enable you to dedicate your resources to the in-need, non-financial parts of your business.

ADP Payroll Processing can be part of a customized Accounting Business Package. Contact us for more information.

ADP Payroll Processing Bundles

Support you need

Base Fee

RGB Accounting Preferred Fee

Per Employee Fee

RGB Accounting Preferred Per Employee Fee

TeamPay by ADP Payroll - Run payroll through a streamlined approach using an easy-to-navigate cloud-based payroll solution

Tax Filing Services - ADP calculates and remits your payroll taxes, all without you having to do any extra steps

Electronic Reports - Access, View, and Print reports online

Employee Access - Allow your employees to see their pay and tax statement information onlineEmployee Access - Allow your employees to see their pay and tax statement information online

Payroll Preview - Preview payroll reports before you process to help you reduce errors

Direct Deposit - The quickest way to pay your employees - on payday, pay is automatically deposited in each employee’s account

General Ledger Interface (GLI) - Classify, review and export journal entries from ADP for import into your accounting system

Statement of Remittance (SOR) - Access your annual Statement of Remittance report to understand all the remittances ADP makes on your behalf in a simple to understand summary

Garnishment Payment Services - A cost effective solution to easily manage wage garnishments processing

Year End (T4/Relevé & Annual Maintenance Fee) - Includes the first run of your Year-End T4s. This includes the generation of all T4s slips, Relevé 1 and Relevé 2. In addition, it also includes your one year-end maintenance fee and one electronic transfer

Record of Employment: a record of insurable earnings and hours for employees who leave the business for any reason or experience an interruption in earnings












Contact us @ (416) 932-1915 for an appointment or to discuss any payroll-related questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does small business payroll cost?
The cost of ADP small business payroll processing depends on several factors, including payroll frequency, total number of employees, and the specific services that are needed. Most commonly, there is a per-payroll processing fee and an annual base fee. The important thing to remember is that a payroll service may actually save you money when compared to the cost of tax penalties. ADP will work with you to determine the right payroll setup for your business, whether you have just one employee or several.

Can a small business do their own payroll?
Do-it-yourself payroll is a popular choice for some new businesses, but like any other DIY project, it may only save you money if you have the skills and resources to do it correctly. You could be quickly overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to run payroll on your own and the costly penalties that can possibly ensue if you make mistakes. For this reason, many small businesses turn to a payroll service provider for assistance.

How do small businesses run payroll?
Whether you choose to tackle the job on your own or work with a professional, running small business payroll, in its most basic form, consists of these steps:

    1. Track and record employee hours worked
    2. Calculate wages and withholding amounts (taxes, benefits, etc.)
    3. Distribute wages to employees
    4. Deposit the withheld taxes with appropriate government agencies
    5. File employer tax returns at the applicable deadlines
    6. Send employees T4/Releve and other required tax forms
    7. Issue Record of Employment (ROE)

Throughout each stage of this process, you’ll need to comply with constantly changing regulations – a task that can be difficult without the expertise of a payroll provider like ADP.

Why choose ADP small business payroll software?
Value is key — and so is price. You need a payroll solution that works for you now and in the long run. We get it — so with our affordable options, you only pay for the services you need.

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