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ADP is expanding its leading Next Gen Payroll Platform across North America to Canada and Mexico to help transform the payroll experience for both practitioners and employees in those markets. With this move, more companies of all types – from local small businesses to global conglomerates – will be able to revolutionize the way they pay employees.

ADP is pleased to announce Next Gen Payroll is now live with its first client in Mexico, joining hundreds of other clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Built natively on the public cloud, the Platform gives practitioners and employees unprecedented transparency into how they are paid, along with predictive insights with suggested actions. This expansion represents the next step in a phased roll out across North America.

“At EPI-USE, our goal was to modernize our payroll practice to create a seamless and modern employee experience,” said Dario Silva, Associate Partner and Managing Director of EPI-USE Mexico. “We seek strategic solutions that help us make informed decisions about our business, especially in our ever-changing world of work. Our implementation of Next Gen Payroll has been an important step towards this goal.”

The need to do more with less, the continually changing regulatory environment, and the global nature of companies all significantly increase the complexities and puts more burden on the payroll practitioner. ADP Next Gen Payroll Platform is designed to address these challenges and simplify the payroll process, all while helping shift the paradigm around how people get paid.

“In a world that is increasingly demanding nimble, clear solutions, Next Gen Payroll is a global real-time platform, built on the cloud, that can promote scalability, security, and high availability,” said Steve Boese, co-chair of the HR Technology Conference and host of The HR Happy Hour podcast, “The platform earned recognition as a ‘top HR Product’ at the last HR Tech Conference reinforcing ADP’s constant innovation and meeting of business’ needs now, and in the future.”

With this platform, Next Gen Payroll clients in North America will now be able to streamline their payroll systems, with features that include:

  • Policy Management: Through this platform, ADP employs a patented technology to maintain a curated pay, time, and benefits policies catalog. Practitioners will now be able to apply these best practices policies written in common business terms to meet their organization’s needs.
  • Global Capabilities: The ADP Next Gen Payroll Platform leverages ADP’s global compliance expertise, in a federated development model, to rapidly localize new countries and help support compliance. Practitioners will now be able to use the global policy catalog to help pay workers in a consistent and compliant manner.
  • Continuous Calculation: Payroll is always in a calculated state – employees work varying hours, some leave the company, and business policies change. With the ADP Next Gen Payroll Platform, the practitioner has immediate visibility to the impact on payroll, allowing assessment of the state of payroll at any time.

“In our current work environment, businesses require greater organizational agility and transparency,” said Don Weinstein, corporate vice president of global product and technology for ADP. “Our Next Gen Payroll Platform is a solution that solves these challenges and fuels the future of payroll. This is an exciting innovation that adds to the existing range of payroll platforms ADP offers and builds on our history of leadership in the payroll industry.”


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